It is advisable to clarify that are considered as aeronautical cases those that were observed from aircrafts. This chapter describes five significant cases arisen in various continents and which were the object of an inquiry on behalf of the authorities of the concerned countries. In four cases objects were discovered at the same moment visually and by radar. In the fifth they were observed by numerous independent witnesses.


San Carlos of Bariloche ( July 31, 1995)

The flight Aeolineas Argentinas AR 674, a Boeing 727 from Buenos Aires, is 140 km of San Carlos of Bariloche, tourist station of the central Andes where it gets ready to land. At this precise moment, a breakdown of electricity plunges the city into the darkness and the pilot receives the order to put itself in wait for some minutes before making his final approach. While he begins this one, the pilot observes a bizarre star. At the same moment the mission control puts in expectation a second plane which arrives in the sector. The flight Ar 674 pursues its approach, but while it is at the end of bend, in the axis of the track, an object looking like a big plane appears on its right-hand side and flies at the same time as him! This object possesses three light among which one red in its middle. The lights of the airport fall again out of order, the tagging of track and the banister of approach also go out; The plane in expectation observes the same phenomenon since its position.

The pilot, not being able to make his landing, puts back gases and makes a new bend to represent itself in the axis of the track. At this moment, the object, become brilliant, passes behind the plane, stops, rises upright to stop again. It goes back in front of the plane before disappearing definitively towards the Andes Cordillera. The crew, the passengers of the flight AR 674, those of the other plane, as well as the controllers of the airport and a part of the inhabitants of San Carlos assisted, dumbfounded, in this unusual air ballet.

This case is interesting in many respects :

- Observation was confirmed by multiple independent observers, in flight and on the ground,
- Duration of the phenomenon of several minutes,
- Varied trajectories of which some people marry those of the plane,
- Observation of an electromagnetic phenomenon (extinction of the lights of the city and the airport) in direct relation with the presence of the object. ".


C Lakenheath (United Kingdom) ( August 13-14, 1956)

C The plane RB-47 in the United States ( July 17, 1957)

C Teheran ( September 18 to 19, 1976)

C Russia ( March 21, 1990)


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