It is advisable to clarify that are considered as aeronautical cases those that were observed from aircrafts. This chapter describes five significant cases arisen in various continents and which were the object of an inquiry on behalf of the authorities of the concerned countries. In four cases objects were discovered at the same moment visually and by radar. In the fifth they were observed by numerous independent witnesses.


Russia ( March 21, 1990)

This case occurred at night in Pereslavl-Zalesski's region, east of Moscow. It was reported by an article of the general of aviation Igor Maltsev, commander of the air Forces of defence, appeared in the newspaper Rabochaya Tribuna (" Stand of the Employees ") on April 19, 1990: " UFO on radars of air defence ". One mentioned there the sending combat aircraft in mission of interception of the discovered UFO. The general Maltsev, who made the synthesis of more than hundred visual observations collected by majors of unity, declared :

I am not a specialist of the UFO, and so I can only connect among them the data and express my own hypothesis. According to the data collected by these witnesses, the UFO was a disc of a diameter from 100 to 200 meters. Two lights flashed on the sides... Furthermore, the object turned around its axis and made an evolution in shape of S at the same moment in the plans vertical and horizontal. Then the UFO remained still over the ground, then flew from a speed two - three times superior to that of the modern combat aircraft... Objects flew from heights going from 100 to 7000 m. The movement of the UFO was accompanied by no sort of noise and was characterized by a stunning maneuvrability. The UFO seemed completely deprived by slowness. In other words, they had one way or another mastered the gravity. At the moment, ground machines could not present such characteristics ".


C Lakenheath (United Kingdom) ( August 13-14, 1956)

C The plane RB-47 in the United States ( July 17, 1957)

C Teheran ( September 18 to 19, 1976)

C San Carlos de Bariloche ( July 31, 1995)


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